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9th Grade Digital Art and Design


Documentary Photography

Students looked at Documentary photographers such as Dorothea Lange and learned the importance of documentary photography in telling a story about a time.  These 9th grades were asked to take a series of photos to document their perspective of a typical day in 2020.  We learned formal qualities of photography such as various types of balance in composition, leading lines and depth of field to adjust space, and direction of lighting.  Students digitally edited their photos to create mood and emphasis. 

9th Grade Digital Art and Design

Self Expression through Still Life 

Digital Painting

As a class we discussed the similarities and differences between traditional painting and digital painting. We looked at David Hockney's traditional and digital paintings and discussed his use of texture, flat shape and composition.  Students were asked to create a still life composition of objects that represented either an aspect of their culture or identity, an interest or hobby, or a part of their daily routine. They photographed their composition of object, created a still life pencil drawing using proportional scaling and overlap to compare objects in space and size, then recreated colors and textures digitally.

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